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Soba-dokoro Wada/Aizu soba restaurant in Fukushima

Aizu area, westside of Fukushima prefecture is one of the most famous "Japanese soba" (not ramen and udon) area in Japan. 


Aizu downtown Nanokamachi Soba Map

 Especially, Soba-dokoro Wada has its own 25ha(5 times as Tokyo-Dome) buckwheat field. 

The shop is a little far from central area, so to rent a car is recommended.


 The restaurant has been reported many times in soba guidebooks.  


By the way, soba flour is high price and rare now, and common Edo soba consists of 80% soba and 20% wheat flour.

However, Wada serves delicious soba made from 100% buckwheat flower.
Soba noodles look like transparent, and it makes imagine us the fresh air, water, and large field.


Soba-dokoro Wada

2 Chome-2-9 Wada, Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima 965-0811