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Price raising by Amazon JP, Excessive quote in Tax accounting industry

On April 12, 2019, the annual fee for Amazon Prime membership has been raised JPY1,000.

In my case, next payment will be changed from 3,900yen to 4,900yen.

I know Japan's prime membership fee is still lower than those of the other countries.
However, it was pretty shock for me that Amazon can easily change the price just by sending one email.

Nowadays, price slashing permeates all over the world.

The other hand, many small business owners are struggling with what they should do in order to be accepted their value to the customers.


By the way, if your tax accountant shows you the quote in an excessive price, it might mean to “refuse” the work indirectly.

Why the tax accountant would not like to contract even if the taxpayer allows to pay enough money?

For example
・ Labor shortage
・ Time-consuming issue
・ Complicated human relationship, the tax accountant who previously involved is his or her acquaintance etc.
・Big risks, irresponsible people etc.

In any case, either expensive or cheap price has something reason.